Tuesday, July 29, 2008

French Supermarkets

This post is for all of my US expats living in Italy and have difficulty finding some American staples. GO TO FRANCE FOR THE WEEKEND!!! My trip to the Cote d'azur was wonderful for all of the reasons listed in my post below...and exhilarating due to the discovery of some of my favorite products at the Geant Casino.

List of Groceries

English muffins
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice* (which I can find in Milan for €4)
Heinz ketchup*
Hellman's Mayonnaise
Pita Bread
Dannon Vanilla Yogurt (it's gelatin like)
Apple Sauce
Sour Cream
5,000 varieties of Mustard
Pancake Syrup*
Pancake Mix*
Corn Soft Tacos
White Tacos*

*Just to be fair you can find these items in Milan but they cost double or triple the price

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