Monday, August 11, 2008

Fattoria di Migliarino

Once again this year my boyfriend's vacation plans changed and last minute we had to make some new vacation plans. Since we had already bought our flights from Milan to Palermo we decided that it would be best to stay local and that it would be nice to go to a nice relaxing Agriturisimo sounded perfect. I pulled out a magazine called 100 Agriturisimi which I had bought last year and we began looking for places which weren't a far drive from Milan...we settled on the northern part of Tuscany near Pisa.

After calling a number of places, many of which had availability which really demonstrates that people are struggling this year, we decided on Fattoria di Migliarino.

The drive from Milan with a little bit of traffic in certain places took about 3.5 hours. We took A1 to A15 to A12. We got out at Carrara for lunch (a restaurant called Pancino 2 where I used to go many many moons ago...same owners and still decent food) and then continued onto Migliarino.

The farm is the property of a Noble family called Salviati. The property is vast and beautifully maintained. It has some 8 independent apartments you can rent or you can stay at the bread and breakfast which has some really cute rooms. The breakfast leaves a little to be desired, however, after having requested some fresh fruit from the farm Ludovica (the Duke's niece) quickly arranged to have fresh figs and melon at breakfast. The jam and honey are also wonderful.

Life on the Agriturisimo is quite simple....just relaxing, taking walks, picking berries and figs on the property and eating some fresh seafood at the nearby trattoria. It's a place where you can really regenerate and if you don't bring any work with you it is very easy to forget that one must work at all!

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