Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bianco Latte Milano

In addition to sharing my recipes, my experience living in Italy and my new teaching career, I will also keep old and new friends updated on my new "food" experiences...good or bad.

Tonight, together with my friend Isa, my quest to find experiences worthy sharing brought me to Bianco Latte Milano. Let's start with the ice cream flavours: almond, chocolate cherry, chocolate cinnamon, fig, cookie and bacio. Second, they have some cool sounding coffee concoctions like biancotino or something or other which is coffee shaken with ice cream. They also have breakfast and offer fruit with yoghurt or ice cream. Lastly, the space is really bright and very homey feeling...reminds me of a place you'd find in NYC.

Bianco Latte has a counter with chairs where you can read the paper or bring a book...or blog. I hope some single people start going to Bianco Latte to meet other singles...even for just an interesting conversation. People need to stop travelling in crowds in this city and learn to mingle!!!

Okay..."a domani" (till tomorrow)

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