Monday, July 28, 2008

Cote d'azur- Finally a weekend at the beach

On Friday evening after a really busy week, Chris and I decided to go see my cousins in France. Chris finished working at 8pm and I had a lesson until 830 pm so we were undecided whether we should leave Milan that evening or the following morning. After discussing it for about all of 10 seconds we both agreed that we preferred to wake up in France so we'd have an entire day at the beach.

After preparing my bag and trying not to forget anything I realized that neither of us had eaten and that we didn't have time to stop and eat if we wanted to get to Villeneuve Loubet before the wee hours of the morning. Moreover, I think my sandwiches are a lot tastier than anything you'd find in an Autogrill.

Very quickly I began to quarter cherry tomatoes and slice basil and put them in some recycled Tupperware (ice cream carton- they are plastic in Italy and are great) so you don't have to lug it around or feel guilty about throwing it out, added two cans of tuna in olive oil, a teaspoon of pesto and a teaspoon of mayo! Perfect for a quick sandwich to be made in the car! Along with some pita bread (or something similar which I bought at the Autogrill while Chris got gas) we had a really tasty dinner. Really tasty!

Tuna Salad

20 cherry tomatoes quartered
2 cans tuna packed in olive oil (any tuna will do although I prefer olive oil)
10 basil leaves
1 heaping teaspoon Mayo
1-teaspoon pesto (without garlic)

This is really good as an appetizer or a cold pasta condiment....rocket lettuce or rucola tastes wonderful with it in a sandwich, appetizer or pasta dish.

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